The Loggers Wear Kevlar Romeo

The Kevlar Romeo is an evolution of the romeo shoe originally designed in the 1920’s as a comfortable leisure shoe for loggers. To some it became known as the “Crummy shoe.” The crummy is a vehicle that takes loggers into and out of a work site. The name is definitely a comment on its condition. When loggers left the work site in the crummy they were glad to remove their heavy boots and put on their “Crummy Shoes”. Today the shoe enjoys a much wider appreciation and is worn in many situations from factories to courtrooms.

Wearers of the shoe comment on it’s comfort, quality of construction, simple maintenance and how easy it is to slip on and slip off. These qualities all relate back to its origins in the logging industry.

We have supplied many thousands of these shoes over a period of 12 years. The shoe can be ordered directly from us or from one of our distributor stores.


The sole is made of rubber and is called a ripple sole because of its “wavy” design. Unlike most ripple soles, it ripples in both directions providing excellent traction. The Kevlar protection wraps around the toe of the shoe. And just how durable is Kevlar? Kevlar is so tough it is used in the construction of bullet proof vests and chainsaw safety pads.

One feature of the Logger Wear Kevlar Romeo is its pigskin-lined inner heel. The inner heel is subject to a lot of wear and pigskin is much tougher than leather. Hence its use in the construction of footballs. The pigskin inner heel gives added protection to a vulnerable part of a shoe. The elastic side panels in conjunction with the loop make the shoe easy to slip on and off. Several of my store owners have commented on how comfortably designed the Loggers Wear Kevlar Romeo is, stating their feet feel better after working all day on a concrete floor. We feel the Loggers Wear Kevlar Romeo is the perfect combination of comfort, function, and strength.