Quality outerwear for on & off the trail.

Wood’N Trail® Outdoor Apparel is focused on delivering hi-performance traditional outerwear. Wood’N Trail® embodies the attitude & lifestyle of the bare-bones hunting culture. Wood’N Trail® camouflage patterns are exclusively used for our brand of apparel & accessories. Our versatile camouflage patterns are specifically designed to blend in with multiple backgrounds and various environments. The patterns incorporate multiple design elements, such as using different resolutions, angles, contrasts and shadows in order to create the most three dimensional, life like patterns. The result of this high-tech design process allows you to easily disappear within nature. Try our camouflage on your next adventure.

WOOD’N TRAIL® Products:

  • Hunting Lifestyle Apparel (Hoodies / T-Shirts / Hunting Jeans)
  • EXODRY® Performance Apparel (Pants / Jackets / Bibs / Rainwear / Base Layers)
  • Twill (Shirts / Pants / Jackets / Bib Overalls / Coveralls)
  • Northland Fleece® (Hoodies / Jackets / Pants)
  • Blaze Orange (Shirts / Vests / Jackets / Pants)
  • Wool (Wool Bib Overalls / Vests / Jackets / Pants)
  • Women (Jackets / Fleece / Rainwear)
  • Youth (Jackets / Fleece / Rainwear)
  • Boots & Accessories (Caps / Gloves / Back Packs)